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Read the entire reviews of Gwen and West Wind Calling in CM Magazine

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Book Reviews


Finalist for the W.O. Mitchell City of Calgary Book Prize, 2010

"For fans of historical fiction, Gwen offers a glimpse into a world seldom seen. One British Home Child and one dazzling Mohawk performer bring the 1890s to life. A unique writing style and a courageous character combine to make this an excellent read, and a great addition to your Canadian history collection."

Jane on Books, Montreal

“This rich historical novel presents readers with a plucky heroine who has the heart of a poet. Carrying her through many adventures is her vivid imagination and a gift from her father, a book of poetry by Mohawk writer/performer E. Pauline Johnson... this page-turner offers readers nary a dull moment.”

- Kirkus Reviews


West Wind Calling

West Wind Calling, the sequel, can stand alone and be enjoyed by those who haven't yet read Gwen.... Throughout West Wind Calling, Gwen quotes Johnson's narrative poems, using them to interpret her new experiences in the west. The poems not only serve as a unifying device, but also elevate the novel and give it another dimension. Gwen's love for Johnson's work shows how literature can enhance everyday people's lives.

- 4 Ruth Latte, CM Magazine, University of Manitoba



Workshop Feedback

Participants in the Other Voices online workshop said:

“You are a natural teacher, Carolyn. I went outside more clear-eyed than I have been for a while turning my head to birdsong, checking out roots, leaves.”

“Thank you for the magic of words in Other Voices.”

“Thank you for warm and inviting facilitation.”

“It was an inspiring process.”


General workshop participant feedback:

"You are a discerning listener …. I have new prospects in writing now."
— D.S.

“Personally, the best writing prompt was about forgiving someone. It made me realize how difficult it is to completely forgive. It will take many, many years for Indigenous peoples to forgive all our trespasses.”
adult nonIndigenous participant in Writing to Reconcile workshop

“Thanks to both of you for devising, planning and executing a most meaningful and memorable Yoga and Writing retreat in Melaque Mexico. The activities and the venue certainly exceeded my expectations; I am so pleased to have been a part of the group.”
— Lora

“I really liked the energy that you brought.”
– Teacher at the Calgary Adolescent Treatment Centre

“It was interesting. It opened my eyes about peace.”
- Student at the Calgary Adolescent Treatment Centre

"Your class is awesome. I love the fact that there are others who share my views and concerns about social, economic and political issues."
- Z.K. grade 9

"I liked when we did the 10 minutes of writing. These were awesome and I’m starting an essay from one. I liked that we shared what we wrote, and people listened and didn’t laugh."
– Participant aged 12

"I really liked the unexpected prompts, the lively discussion and the openness of the process. I wish the course had been longer."
- Calgary workshop participant

"Carolyn was supportive, encouraging and accepting. I enjoyed the instruction and the group."
– Edmonton participant Women’s Words: Summer Writing Week

"I like it that discussion was honoured and that the group was small."
– Edmonton participant Women’s Words: Summer Writing Week

"At first I was skeptical, but talking about experiences, then writing, really woke up my mind."
– Calgary participant

"I was surprised by what came out of my pen when I put it on the paper!"
– Whitehorse participant

"Thank you for helping people experience the power of words at the Reconnect Event, and for your passion for bringing peace into this world." – Marg, Saskatchewan

 “Thank you for an absolutely incredible day. The students were very positive and interestingly, my non-academics enjoyed the free fall writing best. You educated and empowered us all.”
– Grade 12 English Teacher, Alberta

“Your visit with the Brownies was so positive - and it was positive for me, too!”
- Brownie leader

“Thank you again, for sharing your gifts with our children!   Unsolicited, my daughter told me that she was really glad she had taken your workshop, as the "free fall" writing exercises were very effective...  she felt so comfortable and free. Also, I so value your commitment to positive change in the world and I know you also tapped into our children's sense of possibility.”
- Home School Parent  




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