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Contact Carolyn directly to order plays, Counting Peace or A Creation Story. Carolyn's other books may be ordered through your favourite bookstore or by contacting the publisher listed with each title.

* Note: After the Beginning, Seasons of Peace, A World of Faith and Bill's book Cause for Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads are listed in the By Popular Demand section of the UCRD Catalogue.




Book Catalogue

All of Carolyn's books and publications are listed alphabetically in the categories below:




Young Adults and Adults are Reading...


Sorry. Why Our Church Apologized.


In 1986 the United Church of Canada issued an Apology to Native Peoples that began:

“Long before my people journeyed to this land, your people were here ...”

This was the first acknowledgement in Canada that Canadian schools had been teaching a history that was not true. In 1998, the United Church went further by issuing an Apology to Former Students of United Church Indian Residential Schools, and to the Families and Communities.

Sorry. Why Our Church Apologized tells how the church became involved in the schools and how it is that the church saw it must withdraw from the system, and become involved in learning and healing.

Suitable for age 10 to adult.
Authors: Rev Maggie McLeod, Very Rev Stan McKay, Very Rev Bill Phipps and Carolyn Pogue

Aboriginal Issues, History
5.5 x 8.5 inches, Paperback, 28 pages
ISBN 978-1-77064-803-6, Price $9.95

Order at the Wood Lake Books website
Also available as a free download


Rock of Ages: The Oldest Rock on Earth, and then someRock of Ages

Rock of Ages brings to life early stories of Earth’s origins and spins together geology, ecology, mythology and cosmology as an integrative narrative. Please visit the website of the Rock of Ages claim owner.

Rock of Ages weaves a web that links myth, science and geology with personal experience. Carolyn Pogue draws us to the depths of time, then flings us to the stars and healing energies.”
- Sharon Montgomery, healer/author Your Invisible Bodies

“When you think that this rock is 4.03 billion years old, then all human civilization, everything we’ve thought and done, it’s just nothing. At the same time, it brings out an ephemeral kind of experience. Life is valuable because it’s so brief.”
- Geologist Gina Marie Ceylan, PhD

ISBN 978-0-9733284-2-4

Available as an ebook:s also available for download as an eBook:



West Wind Calling

West Wind CallingHome Girl Gwen Peters has already had her share of adventures. Orphaned at eleven and trained as a servant, Gwen travelled from England by ship to a new life in Canada. Her spunk, sense of humour and the memory of seeing legendary Mohawk theatre performer E. Pauline Johnson have kept her going. It's a good thing, too, because there are more challenges ahead...

It is 1898, and Gwen is leaving Ontario, on the brand new railway for Calgary, Northwest Territories. There, Gwen meets people of the land, the Cree and Blackfoot, and sees how they view newcomers to their territory. She also meets someone who helped to build the railway that Canadians are so proud of. Unfortunately not everyone in town is respectful of Gwen’s new friends.

Gwen soon discovers that booming Calgary attracts people with fresh visions and hope, but it also attracts people who want to make a quick buck, no matter how. Good thing she packed her courage.




For fans of historical fiction aged 10 to adult.
On her tenth birthday, Gwen is slipped in through the back door of a London theatre. The Mohawk performer she watches, as she peers out from a broom closet, changes her life forever. One hundred thousand destitute and orphaned “Home Children” from England are sent out to Canada with the promise of creating new lives. In 1895, Gwen becomes one of them. Eleven years old, trained as a housemaid, Gwen is determined to find the Canada that E. Pauline Johnson described that night at the theatre.

This novel was inspired by Carolyn’s own grandmother, a Barnardo Home Child, and by the life of poet/performer
E. Pauline Johnson.

Gwen is recommended reading in the UCRD Summer Reading Catalogue.

"...entertaining tale with lots of adventure, a positive female role model as the heroine, and a bit of a history lesson thrown in. The plot is perfectly paced and happily, the novel's conclusion leaves room for what would be a welcome sequel. Four stars!"

- Wendy Maloff, An'E Vibe
Montreal, Quebec

ISBN 978-1-894549-80-6


160 pages

Available everywhere through your local book store, and in Canada through FlipKart or Friends of Books



A World of Faith
Introducing Spiritual Traditions to Teens

This comprehensive book covers 9 of the world’s main religions in a captivating and accessible way. Carolyn Pogue takes readers beyond the practices, institutional rites and beliefs, to touch on the deeper truths common to humanity. Throughout, there is a strong message of caring for Earth and for each other, a message of connection and social justice. Interviews with young people about how they view their own tradition add to the uniqueness of this book.

Each chapter includes a thumbnail sketch of the faith tradition, prayer, glossary, story, and Golden Rule and Green Rule unique to that faith.
With a Foreword by His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.     


191 pages

CopperHouse Press
Phone 1-800- 663-2775    



Children are Reading...


A Creation Story

A Creation Story coverIn this picture book for young children, the creation story is brought alive in a playful way. Author Donna Sinclair wrote, “Pogue conjures up a God who – yearning for human company – creates a host of girls and boys from mud of every colour. They give God enormous pleasure. The story offers children assurance of God’s deep and joyous love, and adults an enchanting alternative to that earlier Creation story about the rib.”

Illustrated by Chao Yu

ISBN 0-9683421-0-8


Creation/Juvenile Fiction

ParseNip Press and United Church Publishing House
Order from the author

After the Beginning

afterbeginningAfter the Beginning
opens with the Divine Family (God, Goddess, and all the angels) celebrating the completion of the universe – sun, moons, and eight perfect planets, with no mistakes at all. But when Little Angel suggests that there could be one more planet, one where “things aren’t the same all the time,” things begin to unravel… In this enchanting tale, the sacredness of Earth, the ecological crisis, and children’s leadership are connected in a way that will inspire children and adults alike. Margaret Kyle’s vibrant illustrations create a sense of awe that will move and delight readers of all ages. 


8.5 x 11 hard cover
32 pages

Order from the publisher
Woodlake Publishers Inc.


Baby You

Baby YouBaby You tells the story of how you grew from a teeny, tiny seed and a teeny, tiny egg to become a wonderful, miraculous baby. It is a reminder, too, that from the very beginning, you have been watched over with love and tenderness.

Illustrations by Monique Nind





Counting Peace
A Counting Book to Colour for Children,
Mommies, Daddies and Teachers

Counting PeaceCounting Peace helps children and adults recognize signs and symbols of peace and to understand their histories. At the back of the book, Carolyn briefly explains the origins of symbols like the olive branch, the United Nations peace bell, paddles and peace pipes. Natalie's imaginative and happy illustrations will be fun to colour and to count from1 to 10.

Illustrations by Natalie Rose



Order from the author


The Colour Of Peace - SOLD OUT!

covercolourpeaceThe Colour of Peace is a book where kids can colour, think, draw, sing, teach and learn about peace. Created by 16 children, teens and adults form 7 towns and cities in 2 countries, it offers unique ideas about peace with ourselves, with Nature, our families and in the world.

Each ABC is illustrated with a line from an original poem. The Colour of Peace includes a story by Marty Brown about the transformation of a bully and an original song by Ruth Lomenda.

 “Just as violence is a learned behaviour and not a natural or inevitable part of our society, peace can be taught. UNICEF Canada welcomes this book as a means to begin with our youngest children.”
~ Holly Davidson, UNICEF Canada

The sale of each book supports the work of UNICEF and The Art of Peace: A Camp for Kids.

40 pages

ISBN 978-0-9733284-1-7


Order from the author



Colouring Peace in Calgary/Moahkinstsis iinstawapi

Coluring Peace CalgaryThis is an all-ages colouring book featuring Calgary landmarks and natural areas, with captions in Blackfoot, Arabic and English. It includes word games and an original song, Magpie. Thirty Calgary artists donated their work to create this unique book.

  • It's a welcome gesture for refugees, offering a quiet place to think about adding their own colour to the city.
  • Because the Blackfoot language is introduced, newcomers are helped to understand that they have arrived in Treaty Seven territory, a fact many previous settlers didn't recognize.
  • It will help newcomers learn landmarks and peaceful places in Calgary.

Your purchase helps to provide aid to Syrian refugees in Calgary.

Co-ordinator/publisher: Carolyn Pogue
Peace. Activity. Calgary
8.5 x 11 inches, Paperback, 47 pages
ISBN 978-093 328462
Price $10.00 ($9.00 for distributors)

Available through Sunnyside Art Supplies, St. Andrews Centre or the publisher.



Adults are Reading...


NEW! Letters to Mira: words to a young woman, her brother and sister on the loss of their mother

Letter to MiraThe 27 letters are from family friends and other writers in India, Canada, Switzerland and the U.S.A.

Touching and tender, sometimes surprising and always real, these letters will add to the important conversations about death and love.

9 x 6 inches, paperback, 88 pages, 17 colour photos, EDITED by Carolyn Pogue
Price: $10.00 plus shipping

To order, please contact:


Language of the Heart
Rituals, Stories and Information about Death

Language of the heartIn Language of the Heart, Carolyn Pogue draws on the experiences of those who have dealt creatively with a variety of deaths. You will learn how others have created ceremonies that were personally meaningful and healing, when a person who had died lived long, and when they lived briefly; when the relationship was loving and when it was not. She offers stories and suggestions for alternative rituals that can help you move beyond tradition. Whether you are facing your own death or the death of another, this book will encourage you to do whatever you need to do, rather than what you think is expected of you.

ISBN 1-896836-17-8



Northstone Publishing Inc.
Phone toll free: 1-800-663-2775


Part-Time Parent
Learning to Live Without Full-Time Custody

Part-time ParentThis one-of-a-kind book is for all non-custodial parents. It follows the stories of 20 men and women as they go through the initial separation, first birthday and holidays without the kids, roller-coaster emotions, reflections, regrets, letting go and getting on with their lives. In this sensitively written book, Carolyn Pogue stresses that while one kind of parenting may be over, a parent never ceases to be a parent.

An earlier version, published by Western Producer Prairie Books, was titled The Weekend Parent.

ISBN 1-896836-23-2



Northstone Publishing Inc.
Phone toll free: 1-800-663-2775


Treasury of Celebrations
Create Celebrations that Reflect Your Values
and Don’t Cost the Earth

Treasury of Celebrations coverEdited by Carolyn Pogue

There is a growing movement among people, stemming from a longing for more integrity between our spiritual and economic values. If you are not satisfied with consumer-oriented celebrations, this book of creative ideas is for you.

ISBN 1-55145-088-7



Northstone Publishing Inc.
Phone toll free: 1-800-663-2775




Teachers and Youth Leaders are Reading...

A New Day
Peacemaking Stories and Activities

A New Day coverThese tales of peacemaking recall the atmosphere of ancient fables, yet include an urgency that today’s children respond to. Each story is followed by a wide variety of activities that leaders can choose – for example, making peace flags, filling in peace crossword puzzles or making solar powered ovens. The activities will help children translate these messages of peace into their own lives and communities. Accompanying each tale is a story about practical peacemaking in the world today and information about how to connect with others.

Illustrated by Danka Gocova

ISBN 1-55134-139-5

Peace—Study and Teaching/Children and Peace

Click here to download a free copy to read online, print, or download to your computer or device (PDF)



Seasons of Peace

Seasons of Peace

Seasons of Peace helps teachers, students and youth leaders create peace in classrooms, school yards, at home, in writing and art classes - anywhere in the community.

Suggestions for each month offer a new view of an old holiday or commemoration:

  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • International World Peace Day and many more!
Pogue’s book inspires optimism and offers a wealth of hands-on, practical ideas that support the UNESCO call for a Culture of Peace. Seasons of Peace helps learners express their dreams for a peaceful and sustainable world. It is suitable from Grade 4 to adult. With a Foreword by Honourable Dr. Lois M. Wilson.

Peace – study and teaching

Connections Publishing International
Phone toll free: 1-800-603-9888


Remember Peace

Remember Peace is a 5-part guide for teachers and leaders of youth which places tools for peace into the hands of young citizens. It inspires optimism by relating real stories of real young people who are changing the world today. While respecting the traditions of Remembrance Day handed to us by previous generation, Remember Peace provides alternative viewpoints, stories and opportunities for youth today. Remember Peace uses the free-fall writing technique to enable young people to speak their own dreams for a peaceful life within themselves, with their families and communities, with Nature and with the world.

"The concise and easy to-follow lesson plans are especially well suited for language arts and social studies in grades 4 to 6."
- Green Teacher Magazine

$25.00 (Includes full colour poster)

Peace - study and teaching(elementary)/Children and peace/Remembrance Day

Order from the publisher
Connections Publishing International
Phone toll free: 1-800-603-9888

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