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Recommended Resources for Youth and Children

(See also resources for Older Youth, Adults, Teachers & Leaders)

Al-Windawi, Thura Thura’s Diary: a young girl’s life in war-torn Baghdad  London Penguin 2004

Amnesty International It’s in our hands: Stop violence against women London Amnesty Int’l    Publications 2004

Amnesty International We are all Born Free: The UN Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures London Amnesty Int’l Publication 2008

Anderson, Hans Christian The Emperor’s New Clothes any edition

Bishop, Mary Harelkin Tunnels of Tyranny Regina Coteau 2005

Bland, Sue Madame de Toucainville’s Magnificent Hat Red DeerRed Deer College Press 1994

Bridges, Ruby Through My Eyes New York Scholastic 1999
Bull, Angela Anne Frank London Hamish Hamilton 1986 New York Alloy 2002

Buscher, Sarah and Ling, Bettina Mairead Corrigan & Betty Williams New York Feminist Press 2004

Castle, Caroline For Every Child: The UN Converntion on the Rights of the Child in words and pictures London Hutchinson London Random House 2000

Chevron, Jean-Jacques Tell Me About The United Nations ParisNouvelle Arche De Noe Editions1999

Coerr, Eleanor Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes New York Dell 1977

Cooper, Ilene The Golden Rule New York Abrams 2007

Cullis-Suzuki, Severn Tell the World: A Young Environmentalist Speaks Out Toronto Doubleday 1993

Ellis, Deborah Looking for X Vancouver Douglas and McIntyre 2003

Ellis, Deborah Off to War: Voices of Solders’ Children Toronto Groundwood 2008

Ellis, Deborah Our Stories, Our Songs: African Children Talk about AIDS Markham Fitzhenry and Whiteside 2005

Ellis, Deborah The Breadwinner Toronto Groundwood 2000

Ellis, Deborah Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak Toronto Groundwood 2004

Filopovic, Zlata Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Sarajevo New York Viking Press 1994

Frank, Anne The Diary of a Young Girl New York Pocket Books 1952

Garrison, Jennifer and Tubesing, Andrew A Million Visions of Peace Duluth Pfeifer-Hamilton 1996

Gorman, Jacqueline Gloria Steinem Milwaukee World Almanac 2004

Government of Canada Share in the Celebration! National Aboriginal Day

Grahame, Kenneth The Reluctant Dragon New York Holiday House 2004

Halilbegovich, Nadja My Childhood Under Fire: A Sarajevo Diary Toronto Kids Can Press 2006

Halperin, Wendy Anderson & Pete Seeger Turn! Turn! Turn! New YorkSimon & Shuster 2003

Heide, Florence Parry Sami and the Time of the Troubles New York Clarion 1992

Johnson, Spencer The Value of Believing in Yourself: the Story of Louis Pasteur La Jolla Value Communications 1976

Keilburger, Craig and Marc Me to We: Turning Self-Help on its head Toronto Wiley 2004

Keilburger, Marc and Craig Take Action! A Guide to Active Citizenship Toronto Wiley & Sons 2002

Keilburger, Marc et al Take More Action Toronto Thompson Nelson 2004
Lewis, Barbara A. The Teen Guide to Global Action Minneapolis Free Spirit 2008

Linden, Dianne Peacekeepers Regina Coteau 2003

Meltzer, Milton Ain’t Gonna Study War No More New York Random House 2002

Milway, Katie Smith One Hen: How One Small Lon Made a Big Difference Toronto Kids Can Press 2008

Nivola, Claire Planting Trees the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai New York Foster Frances 2008

Peck, Ira The Life and Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. New York Scholastic 1968

Pogue, Carolyn A Creation Story Toronto United Church Publishing House 1998

Pogue, Carolyn A New Day: Peacemaking Stories and Activities Toronto United Church Press 2005

Pogue, Carolyn A World of Faith: Introducing Spiritual Traditions to Teens Kelowna CopperHouse 2007

Pogue, Carolyn After the Beginning Kelowna CopperHouse Press 2006

Pogue, Carolyn Counting Peace: A Counting Book to Colour Calgary Playing for Life 2006

Pogue, Carolyn The Colour of Peace: Peace to Colour, Draw & Sing Calgary Playing for Life 2008

Poole, Naomi Stop! Don’t Eat Me: Fair Trade for Kids Ottawa Peace Diviners 2004

Radunsky, V. et al What does Peace feel like? Toronto Atheneum Books 2003

Romain, Trevor Bullies are a Pain in the Brain Minneapolis Free Spirit 2005

Ross, Val You Can’t Read This: Forbidden Books, Lost Writing, Mistranslations & Codes Toronto Tundra 2006

Schimmel, Schim Children of the Earth…Remember Minnetonka NorthWord Press 1997

Schimmel, Schim The Family of Earth Minnetonka NorthWord Press 2001

Seuss, Dr. The Butter Battle Book New York Random House 1984

Shoveller, Herb Ryan and Jimmy and the Well in Africa that Brought them Together Toronto Kids Can Press 2006

Smith, David If the World Were a Village Toronto Kids Can Press 2002

Soto, Gary Cesar Chavez: A Hero for Everyone New York Aladdin Paperbacks 2003

Springer, Jane Listen to Us: The World’s Working Children Toronto Groundwood 1997

Strauss, Rachelle One Well: The Story of Water on Earth Toronto Kids Can Press 2007

Super, Gretchen What are Drugs? Troll Associates 1990

Suvanjieff, Ivan & Engle, Dawn PeaceJam: A Billion Simple Acts of Peace New York Penguin 2008

Taylor, Hannah Ruby’s Hope Winnipeg The Ladybug Foundation 2006

Van Gurp, Hetty and Lewis, Rick Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich Granville Ferry Peaceful Schools International 2008

Walker, Alice Why War is Never a Good Idea New York HarperCollinsKids 2007

Zalben, Jane Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World New York Dutton 2006


Recommended Resources for Older Youth, Adults, Teachers and Leaders

Chong, Denise The Girl in the Picture: The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photograh and the Vietnam War London Simon and Shuster 1999

Dalai Lama & Victor Chan the Wisdom of Forgiveness New York Riverbead Books 2004

deGroot, Jennifer peace is… women imagine a peaceful world Mennonite Central Committee Winnipeg 2001

Gruwell, Erin Teach with Your Heart New York Broadway Books 2007

Hammond, Stephen Steps in the Rights direction 2008

Henderson, Michael All Her Paths Are Peace: Women Pioneers in Peacemaking West Hartford Kumarian Press 1994

Kaplan-Pierce, R. with C.Pogue  Fade to Black (drama) Calgary, Playing for Life 2003

Koch, Connie 2/15: the day the world said NO to war New York Hello 2003

Off, Carol Bitter Chocolate: Investigating the Dark Side of the World’s Most Seductive Sweet Toronto Random House 2006

Orbinski, James An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action in the Twenty-first Century Toronto Doubleday 2008

Pogue, Carolyn A New Day: Peacemaking Stories and Activities Toronto United Church Press 2005

Pogue, Carolyn A World of Faith: Introducing Spiritual Traditions to Teens Kelowna CopperHouse 2007

Pogue, Carolyn Remember Peace: Teaching Guide Courtenay Connections 2005

Pogue, Carolyn Seasons of Peace: A Teacher’s Guide Courtenay Connections Publishing 2007

Pogue, Carolyn The Art of Peace: A Camp for Kids ~ Wage Peace in Your Community~ A Handbook to Help 2008 Click here for free download

Schaefer, Carol Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet Boston Trumpeter 2006

Van Gurp, Hetty The Peaceful School: Models that Work Annapolis Royal Peaceful Schools Int’l 2006

Van Gurp, Hetty Creating Caring Schools: Peace Promoting Activities that Work Annapolis Royal Peaceful Schools Int’l 2007

Van Gurp, Hetty Peer Mediation Annapolis Royal Peaceful Schools Int’l
Van Gurp, Hetty Peace in the Classroom Winnipeg Peguis Press 1994

Whitmire Practicing Peace: A Devotional Walk through the Quaker Tradition  Notre Dame Sorin 2007

Wolfwood, Theresa Believe in an ongoing universe Barnard-Boecker Press Victoria 2008

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