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Carolyn Pogue

Imagination * Passion * Creative Flair

Carolyn Pogue is a Canadian author who lives near the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta. Her titles include books for teachers, children, adults and teens.

For twenty years, Carolyn has been a regular contributor to The United Church Observer, Canada’s oldest magazine. Currently, she writes Sightings for The Observer online twice each month.

Her books include two Young Adult historical novels, Gwen and its sequel, West Wind Calling. These books were inspired by the courage of the 100,000 British Home Children who were sent to work in Canada (1870 to 1930). Carolyn’s grandmother was one of these children who arrived in Ontario in 1898, aged 10.

Carolyn was born in Toronto and raised on a small farm in Vandorf, Ontario, a community just north of that city. Growing up the second of four children with 100 acres of cleared land and forest, a barn full of assorted animals, a nearby lake for swimming and a stream for catching tadpoles offered a rich childhood. She has also lived in Quebec and Northwest Territories. She has travelled widely in Canada, the US, Britain, Europe, Central America and also in the Middle East, Zimbabwe and India.

With her husband, Bill Phipps, Carolyn serves on Raffi’s Child Honouring Advisory Council. She is a member of The Child Wellbeing Initiative to end child poverty in Alberta.



In 1986 the United Church of Canada issued an Apology to Native Peoples that began:

“Long before my people journeyed to this land, your people were here ...”

This was the first acknowledgement in Canada that Canadian schools had been teaching a history that was not true. In 1998, the United Church went further by issuing an Apology to Former Students of United Church Indian Residential Schools, and to the Families and Communities.

Sorry. Why Our Church Apologized tells how the church became involved in the schools and how it is that the church saw it must withdraw from the system, and become involved in learning and healing.

Suitable for age 10 to adult.
Authors: Rev Maggie McLeod, Very Rev Stan McKay, Very Rev Bill Phipps and Carolyn Pogue


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