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Carolyn Pogue is a Canadian author who lives near the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta. Her titles include books for teachers, children, adults and teens.

For twenty years, Carolyn has been a regular contributor to The United Church Observer, Canada’s oldest magazine. Currently, she writes The Pogue Blog for The Observer online twice each month.

Her books include two Young Adult historical novels, Gwen and its sequel, West Wind Calling. These books were inspired by the courage of the 100,000 British Home Children who were sent to work in Canada (1870 to 1930). Carolyn’s grandmother was one of these children who arrived in Ontario in 1898, aged 10.

Carolyn was born in Toronto and raised on a small farm in Vandorf, Ontario, a community just north of that city. Growing up the second of four children with 100 acres of cleared land and forest, a barn full of assorted animals, a nearby lake for swimming and a stream for catching tadpoles offered a rich childhood. She has also lived in Quebec and Northwest Territories. She has travelled widely in Canada, the US, Britain, Europe, Central America and also in the Middle East, Zimbabwe and India.

With her husband, Bill Phipps, Carolyn serves on Raffi’s Child Honouring Advisory Council. She is a member of The Child Wellbeing Initiative to end child poverty in Alberta.


Rock of Ages


Rock of Ages: The Oldest Rock on Earth, and then some
is Carolyn’s latest release for adult readers.

Rock of Ages does more than introduce the most ancient rock on Earth. This book brings to life early stories of Earth’s origins and spins together geology, ecology, mythology and cosmology as an integrative narrative. For more information please go to Books

Rock of Ages is in book stores now or may be ordered through the author. It is also available for download as an eBook:

On the weekend of October 17-19, 2014 Carolyn and Bill Phipps will be at St. Paul's United Church, Orillia, Ontario. Bill will preach and run workshops. Carolyn will present a writing workshop and tell a story Sunday morning. All welcome.

On Saturday, October 4th, Carolyn MC'd Feed the Children: Ending Student Hunger in Alberta Classrooms. Click here for additional conference information.

"Rock of Ages is an amazing read, and not what I initially expected. I love rocks, so the mystery and sacredness around how she researched this story of the Acasta gneiss kept me engaged; then, a surprise. The story of Mark Brown and his journey with both the rock and his own life paralleled something even deeper. A compelling read from an accomplished, compassionate writer."
— Sandra Hayes-Gardiner, psychotherapist, author of One Life: Growing up in The Pas

"Reading Carolyn Pogue's book, Rock of Ages, is like walking into a circle of stories, all of them voices of wisdom. The encounter is exactly the kind of miracle you might hope for, where people across cultures and history, rocks, animals and plants across epochs, might gather for a time to witness, grieve, and hope, with pauses here and there to stare into the fire and reflect on the human's place in the universe. Rock of Ages is a small book with a lot to ponder."
— Audrey Whitson author of Teaching Places and Glorious Mysteries

"I really enjoyed Rock of Ages. It’s a good story, laced with history, family, eccentricity... A new way of looking at the world through rocks."
— Dr. Ted Reeve Co-founder & Creative Advisor for Faith & the Common Good: Greening Sacred Spaces


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